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It's About Exercise, Eating Right,
And Staying Healthy.

Getting the CORRECT health & nutrition information isn't always easy. Here you will find factual, up-to-date, evidence based science backed by human monograph studies that are graded to help you your family and health professional determine the right steps to keeping you fit, eating right, and staying healthy.

Visit our vast collection of interactive family health tools and resources incorporating both Healthnotes and Natural Standard full versions featuring comprehensive evidence-based systematic review of scientific literature, peer reviewed and graded by Natural Standard senior editorial board, and many well recognized healthcare contributors.

• Nutrition Food Supplement monographs for both members and professionals
• Drug, Nutrient, & Food Interaction Guides
• Recipes, diet and exercise information
• Comprehensive Blood Testing & Lab Services
• Interactive Health Library in medically accurate detail
• 3D Version Featuring Natural Standard coming soon!
• Two versions of comprehensive health tools one for you and a professional version.

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3D Health Library

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