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Ignatia-homaccord Oral Drops

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Product Description

depression, Especially Of Exogenous Origin; Paradoxical Symptoms; Hysterical Aphonia.

for The Temporary Relief Of The Symptoms Of Stress Including Emotional Distress, Depressed Mood And And For Emotional Symptoms Associated With Premenstrual Syndrome (pms).


oral Drops:
each 100 Ml Contains:

ignatia Amara 4x, 10x, 30x, 200x
(sighing And Sobbing; Effects Of Grief),

moschus 6x, 30x, 200x
(hysteria; Fainting Fits; Uncontrollable Laughter; Anxiety With Palpitation)
0.5 Ml Each.

contains Ethyl Alcohol 25% By Volume.

side Effects:
none Known.

interactions With Other Medication:
none Known.

dosage:oral Drops
adults And Children Above 11 Years:
10 Drops Orally 3 Times Daily, Or As Directed By A Physician.

consult A Physician For Use In Children Under 12 Years Of Age.

dosage Forms:
dropper Bottle Containing 50 Ml.

pharmacological And Clinical Notes
constituents Indications

(st. Ignatius' Bean)

lability Of Mood, Tendency To Weep, Exogenous Depression, Globus Hystericus, Irrational Symptoms, Headache Like A Nail In The Forehead.

(glandular Secretion From The Male Musk Deer)
fearfulness, Hysteria, Nervous Excitability And Restlessness Accompanied By Trembling, Anxiousness With Palpitations, Aphonia.

based On The Individual Homeopathic Constituents Of Ignatia-homaccord, Therapeutic Possibilities Result For Its Application As Nerve Tonic For Depression Alternating With Mania, Contentiousness, Climacteric Neurosis (in Addition To Nervoheel, Hormeel And Klimaktheel), Globus Hystericus (after Or In Alternation With Ypsiloheel), Aphonia, Nervous Irritability; Often Indicated For Children Who Cry Frequently (after Nervoheel, Viburcol, Etc. Or In Alternation With Them). Auxiliary Remedy For Arteriosclerosis, When There Is A Tendency To Weep Without Cause And There Is Numbness Of The Head With Cephalalgia (frontal Eminence). Ignatia-homaccord Is Indicated For Asthma, Emphysema, Etc., And Additionally In Shock Therapy When The Patient Cannot Breathe Deeply (as If Obstructed), Possibly In Association With The Acids Of The Citric Acid Cycle I.v., As Well As With Carbo Vegetabilis-lnjeel And Sulfur-lnjeel (orally And I.v.).

the Dosage Is Adjusted According To The Disease, The Symptoms And The Stage Of The Illness.

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