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Traumeel Tablets

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Product Description

injuries Of All Kinds (sports, Accidents) Such As Sprains, Dislocations, Contusions, Burns, Effusions Of Blood And Effusions Into A Joint, Fractures Etc; Post-operative And Post-traumatic Edema And Swelling Of The Soft Tissues; Inflammatory Processes And Degenerative Processes Associated With Inflammation On The Various Organs And Tissues, Including, In Particular, On The Support And Mobility Apparatus (tendovaginitis, Styloiditis, Epicondylitis, Bursitis Scapulohumeral Periarthritis, Arthrosis Of The Hip, Knee And Small Joints); Parodontitis, Suppuration Of The Gingival Pockets, Paradontosis, Commotio Cerebri.

traumeel ®, An Effective Nsaid Without Side Effects.

refer To Page 1237 Of The 1997 Physician's Desk Reference And Page 1187 Of 1998 Pdr.

traumeel ® Is An Anti-inflammatory, Analgesic, Anti-edematous, Anti-exudative Combination Formulation Of 12 Botanical And 2 Mineral Substances. Traumeel ® Is Officially Classified As A Homeopathic Combination Remedy. It Is Indicated For The Temporary Relief Of Symptoms Associated With Inflammatory, Exudative, And Degenerative Processes Due To Acute Trauma (such As Contusions, Lacerations, Fractures, Sprains, Post-operative Wounds, Etc.), Repetitive Or Overuse Injuries (such As Tendinitis, Bursitis, Epicondylitis, Etc.), And For The Temporary Relief Of Minor Aches And Pains Associated With Such Conditions. Traumeel ® Is Also Indicated For The Temporary Relief Of Minor Aches And Pains Associated With Backache, Muscular Aches, And The Minor Pain From Rheumatoid Arthritis, Osteoarthritis, Gouty Arthritis, And Ankylosing Spondylitis.

as With Many Pharmaceuticals Including The Conventional Nsaids, The Exact Mechanism Of Action Of Traumeel ® Is Not Fully Understood. However, It Appears To Be The Result Of Modulation Of The Release Of Oxygen Radicals From Activated Neutrophils, And Inhibition Of The Release Of Inflammatory Mediators (possibly Interleukin 1 From Activated Macrophages) And Neuropeptides.

due In Part To Its Lack Of Side Effects, Traumeel ® Is Not A Conventional Nsaid. However, Despite Its Status As A Nonconventional Pharmaceutical, The Clinical Effectiveness Of Traumeel ® Is Supported By Scientific Research And Over 30 Years Of Worldwide Usage. For Example, A Randomized, Double-blind, Placebo-controlled Study Of Traumeel ® Ointment For The Treatment Of Ankle Sprains By Zell, Et Al, Was Published In Biological Therapy. The Patients Treated With Traumeel ® Were Pain Free And Had A Greater Range Of Motion Sooner Than The Control Group. Furthermore, The Methodological Quality Of The Zell Study In Biological Therapy Was Verified In A Meta-analysis By Kleijnen,et Al, In The Peer-reviewed Scientific Publication, The British Medical Journal. Of 107 Homeopathic Studies Reviewed By Kleijnen, Et Al, The Zell Study Of Traumeel ® Ranked Within The Top 5% For Methodological Quality. More Recently, The September Issue Of The Lancet Published A Meta-analysis Of Homeopathic Studies In Which Three Different Controlled Studies Demonstrated The Effectiveness Of Traumeel ® Over Placebo.

traumeel ® Can Be Used To Treat Elderly Arthritic Patients Who Cannot Tolerate The Gi Side Effects Associated With The Conventional Nsaids Or For Patients On Anticoagulant Medication. Traumeel ® Is Available As A Topical Ointment, As Oral Tablets, Oral Drops, Oral Liquid In Vials, And As An Injectable (prescription Only).

1 Tablet Cont.:
belladonna 4x 75 Mg;
arnica 3x 40 Mg;
aconitum 3x 30 Mg;
chamomilla 3x,
symphytum 8x Ana 24 Mg;
calendula 2x,
hamamelis 2x,
millefolium 3x,
hepar Sulfuris 8x,
mercurius Solubilis Hahnemanni 8x Ana 15 Mg;
hypericum 2x 8 Mg;
bellis Perennis 2x,
echinacea Angustifolia 2x,
echinacea Purpurea 2x Ana 6 Mg.

pharmacological And Clinical Notes
constituents Indications

arnica (mountain Arnica)
to Stimulate The Healing Of Wounds, Fractures, Dislocations, Contusions, Hematomas, Myocardial Weakness, Neuralgia, Myalgia, Analgesic, Hemostatic

calendula La (calendula)
slowly Healing Wounds, Promotes Granulation, Analgesic

hamamelis (witch-hazel)
venous Stasis, Varicose Veins, (thrombo-)phlebitis, Crural Ulcers, Hemorrhoids, Venous Hemorrhages, Anti-iflammatory,analgesic

millefolium (milfoil)
hemorrhages, Especially Precapillary Arteriovenous (anastomosis) Oozing Hemorrages

belladonna Na (deadly Nightshade)
localized Reaction Phases, Cerebral Sensitivity With Cramp And Delirium

aconitum (monkshood)
fever With Hot, Dry Skin, Neuralgia, Inflammator

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