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Product Description

the Ultimate Calcium Supplement

ultracal, Provided By Douglas Laboratories ®, Is A Balanced And Comprehensive Nutritional Supplement That Is Formulated To Provide Meaningful Amounts Of Dietary Factors Which Perform Important Roles In The Maintenance Of Adequate Bone Mineralization, Structure And Function.

dietary Calcium Is An Important Determinant Of Healthy Bone Structure, As Bone Calcium Is Constantly Turning Over, Moving Through A Continuous Process Of Formation And Resorption. Ultracal Provides This Much Needed Dietary Calcium In The Highly Absorbable Forms Of Calcium Microcrystalline Hydroxyapatite And Calcium Carbonate/citrate/chelate Complex. Vitamin D Is A Key Regulatory Hormone For Calcium And Bone Metabolism. Adequate Status, And Its Intake And/or Production Are Essential Not Only For Normal Calcium Absorption From The Diet, But Also For Proper Maintenance Of Plasma Calcium Levels. Although Magnesium Comprises Only About One Percent Of Bone Mineral Content, It Still Significantly Affects Both Bone Mineral Metabolism And The Matrix That Provides Its Structure. Adequate Dietary Magnesium Maintains Optimum Bone Function And Structure. Similarly, Copper And Manganese Are Important In Optimizing The Formation Of Crosslinkages That Strengthen The Bone Mineral Matrix, While Boron Is Also Important In Maintaining Normal Absorption Of Calcium And Magnesium, As Well As Metabolism Of Copper. The Isoflavone Derivative Ipriflavone Has Also Been Shown To Promote Healthy Function And Structure Of Bone By Inhibiting Osteoclast Activity, And Perhaps Stimulating Osteoblasts. All Of These Ingredients Contained In Ultracal Work Together To Help Maintain Healthy Bone.

ultracal May Be A Useful Dietary Supplement For Those Who Wish To Increase Their Intake Of Calcium And Other Nutritional Factors For Maintaining The Function And Structure Of Their Bones.

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