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Vitamin D3 Vesisorb

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Product Description

vesisorb® Vitamin D Offers A Unique Self-assembling Nano-colloid System To Enhance Vitamin D Absorption By Promoting The Ability Of Vitamin D To Dissolve Readily In An Aqueous Environment.*

special Features
enhanced Absorption Patented Vesisorb® Delivery System

• Developed By Vesifact, A Switzerland-based Company Dedicated To Innovative Technology And Research

• Patented, Lipid-based Delivery System Increases Bio Availability Of A Bioactive That Is Fat Soluble Or That Has Poor Water Solubility

• Self-assembling Colloidal System Forms Evenly Dispersed Fluid Droplets Upon Contact With Water In The Gi Tract, Each With A Mean Diameter Of Less Than 100 Nanometers And With The Bioactive At Its Core

• These Nanosize Water-soluble Droplets Or Micelles Allow The Bioactive To Cross The Water Layer Of The Gi Tract For Absorption

• Provides Extended Release Of The Bioactive Over Time


uses For Vesisorb® Vitamin D
bone Health: Vitamin D Promotes Intestinal Calcium And Phosphorous Absorption And Reduces Urinary Calcium Loss, Essential Mechanisms For Maintaining Proper Calcium Levels In The Body And For Healthy Bone Composition. Clinical Studies Involving Vitamin D Supplementation Suggest The Importance Of Vitamin D In Addition To Calcium For Bone Health. Vitamin D Supplementation Alone May Also Support Bone Health.*

cardiovascular Support: Optimal Vitamin D Levels Have Been Associated With Cardiometabolic Health, Including Healthy Inflammatory Balance, Glucose Metabolism, Blood Flow And Antioxidant Defense. This May Be Attributed To Its Effect On Calcium Metabolism Or Possibly By Helping To Maintain Healthy Plasma Renin Function. Preliminary Evidence Suggests That Vitamin D May Also Play A Role In Maintaining Healthy Glucose Metabolism, Since Vitamin D Receptors Are Present On The Islet Cells Of The Pancreas.*

cellular Health: Studies Suggest Vitamin D Supports Colon Health By Promoting Healthy Cellular Function. Vitamin D Is Also Believed To Provide General Cellular Support Potential, Including Breast And Prostate Cells, In Part By Helping To Maintain Healthy Angiogenesis Balance, Supporting Immune Cell Activity And Maintaining Healthy Cell Metabolism. Vitamin D Receptors Have Been Found On Most Immune Cells And Areas Of The Brain Involved In Memory And Cognition, Suggesting Support For Immune, Nerve And Cognitive Function.*

what Is The Source?
vitamin D3 (cholecalciferol) Is Derived From Lanolin, The Fat Found In Wool.

caplique.png Caplique® Capsule Is A Registered Trademark Used By Pure Encapsulations Under License.

vesisorb.png Is A Registered Trademark Of Source One Global Partners.

pure Encapsulations Recommends 1-2 Caplique® Capsules Per Day, With Or Between Meals.

are There Any Potential Side Effects Or Precautions?
it Is Recommended That Individuals Using More Than 2,000 Iu Vitamin D Per Day Have Their Blood Levels Monitored. Large Doses Of Vitamin D Can Cause Hypercalcemia, Signs Include Headache, Weakness, Nausea, Vomiting, And Constipation. Individuals With Hyperparathyroidism Or Kidney Disease Are At Particular Risk. Consult Your Physician For More Information. If Pregnant Or Lactating, Consult Your Physician Before Taking This Product.

are There Any Potential Drug Interactions?
vitamin D May Result In Hypercalcemia In Certain Individuals Taking Digoxin Or Thiazide Diuretics. Consult Your Physician For More Information.


supplement Facts

amount Per Container 60 Caplique® Capsules

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